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Global leaders in suicide prevention skills training. Creators of LivingWorks ASIST and LivingWorks safeTALK.

Who is LivingWorks?

Global Leaders In Suicide Prevention Skills Training For Everyone.

LivingWorks provides unique, evidence-based training that empowers individuals, organisations and communities to work together to help keep people safer from suicide.

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We know that people are more willing and able to provide this help if they are well prepared. And we believe individuals should prepare for their helping role by choosing a training program that will best support their needs.

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We’re proud to partner with organisations, schools, military and veterans services, faith groups, sports teams and many other groups around the world. LivingWorks training will prepare everyone in your organisation to play a role in suicide prevention, building a powerful safety network for your team members and those they support.

Training Overview

LivingWorks programs are designed to span a continuum of safety skills. With a common language, philosophy and approach, they give each participant a clear role to play and enable these roles to seamlessly come together, creating safety networks within communities and workplaces. See how LivingWorks programs work together.



A 90 minute, online training that helps learners develop foundational skills to recognise when someone may be thinking of suicide and connect them to further help.


en français and en español!



Learn to talk openly about suicide, reach out to someone with thoughts of suicide,  and connect them with further support in a half-day, face-to-face workshop. This more in-depth training also allows you to practice your skills and helps you to address myths and barriers around suicide.



Recognised as the gold standard in suicide intervention training, LivingWorks ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a two-day, interactive and in-person workshop in suicide first-aid. You will learn to become ready, willing and able to intervene with someone who has thoughts of suicide, and help them develop a safety plan, access help and find hope.



LivingWorks Faith is an online program that empowers Christian faith leaders to increase safety from suicide and minister to those who have experienced suicide loss. Faith training provides hope-centered, safety-focused interventions, and enriches life promoting ministries in support of purposeful living and self-care.



Meaning “Indigenous Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training”, I-ASIST provides a culturally relevant framework for participants to learn how to use a unique 6-task model to provide a suicide first-aid intervention, work with someone to develop a personalised safety plan to keep safe-for-now and connect with further help. This course is run over 2.5 days and offers a more in-depth skillset in comparison to the shorter safeYARN workshop.



In this half-day workshop, participants learn how to identify and connect to someone having thoughts of suicide, and how to help them keep safe, access support and find hope.

Suicide Prevention Training

What is it?

Suicide prevention skills training – sometimes referred to as gatekeeper training – is one of the most effective prevention approaches. When people are thinking about suicide, they almost always express their pain in ways that invite others to reach in and offer help. Training empowers everyone to recognise the signs of suicide, and to know how to help someone to keep safe, access further support and find hope.

Who is it for?

Suicide prevention skills training is for everyone. LivingWorks training courses are designed to empower a community-based approach to suicide prevention. We enable everyone to play a role, creating powerful safety networks to support entire communities.

Why do I need it?

By training as many people as possible throughout communities and workplaces, we can create safer environments for us to live, work, play and learn. Anyone, regardless of background or experience, can learn skills to start the conversation, to help keep someone safe and to connect them to further support.

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Over 50 peer-reviewed studies and government reports show that LivingWorks programs increase a person’s skills to recognise signs someone is having thoughts of suicide and to confidently intervene to help keep them safe. We know our training works as we encourage rigorous evaluation of our programs to ensure we uphold the gold standard of evidence-based suicide prevention training.

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