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MEDIA: Unprecedented demand, yet NSW funds set to end

Below is the full statement from LivingWorks Australia, associated with the media story published 20 April 2024 in the Newcastle Herald: ‘Unprecedented demand’, yet funds for suicide prevention program set to end source Since the beginning of January this year, LivingWorks Australia has seen unprecedented demand for suicide prevention training from schools, communities and first […]

Renowned US Suicidologist Visiting Australia with LivingWorks Asia Pacific Team

12 FEBRUARY, 2023: This week, renowned US Suicidologist, Dr Pete Gutierrez lands in Sydney joining the local LivingWorks team for a series of meetings and presentations on suicide prevention amongst youth, veterans and Indigenous communities. LivingWorks Australia CEO Shayne Connell said, “We know suicide is a critical issue globally amongst youth, Indigenous and veteran communities, […]